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Blood Of My Blood 



Blood Of My Blood presents 12 tracks ranging from experimental and world music to hard techno; heavy down beats, new jazz and balades. The songs paint a full sonic picture of feelings, emotions and aspirations. (2016)

Sexy & Pounding Electronic Opera, based on the classical play Lysistrata by Aristophanes. Composed, written & produced by Rona Geffen, Ann Streichman & Hilit Rozental. (2014)

Just Fuck Me



RG Unlimited in cooperation with Meerkat Recordings. Including remixes from Gavana, Anna Bolena and Taapet.
The track Just Fuck Me was written and composed by Rona Geffen and Ann Streichman. As a heart crunching theme song it is describing the frustrating experience women often go through while looking for casual sex. (2014)

Other Releases

Other releases not appearing on any album.

The Emancipation of mitzy


Fresh & Nasty Techno beats from the night life and beyond, The new EP for the chaotic crowd. RAVE ON!  "The Emancipation of Mitzy" gathers 6 tracks, 5 of which are dance floor oriented. Its all about heavy tribal beats, massive bass-drums and hectic percussion. "The Emancipation of Mitzy" presents hard & pumping techno for the chaotic crowd - Drugs, alcohol, politics & (as always) sex are the issues driving the music, distortions, amplifiers & rhythm are the means to make it come to life. ENJOY BABIES! (2010)

Bilono is a blend of extremes, surfing between hard electronica, sexy vocals &  pulling strings, creating a unique and pulsating tone. Bilono is the sound of day and night life in Tel-Aviv – from its harsh politics and the useless loss of life to that constant dripping of the neighbor’s air-conditioner, sex and money. (2008)

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