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The Sound is The Scenery

The Sound Is The Scenery is a geometric and mathematical spatial sound composition incorporating frequencies produced by tuning forks and chimes calibrated according to planetary ratio, percussion and the human voice - all of which are commonly used in sound medicine practices.


The Sound Is The Scenery is an audio-visual composition which combines archetypes from Sacred Geometry, Earth-Sun-Moon ratios, mathematics and ancient mystery and shamanic studies, balancing our current masculine energy and perspective by introducing an alternate perception of unification of masculine and feminine.


The sounds used in the composition create a continuous energy flow and tapping on to the fundamental building blocks of nature. The concert is the result of  ongoing research on the connection mathematics, geometry, sound, light and colour has with well being, in order to create a new form of meditative sonic ritual and propose new approaches to healing methods.


The Sound Is The Scenery composition was meticulously composed and engineered for a 3D sound space and  the immersive sonic abilities of a spatial sound environment. The audio-visual composition incorporates the work of Alessandra Leone (visual and light installation) and Claire Glanois (mathematics and coding).

NOTE: This is a stereo recording of a spatial composition and therefore doesn't fully express the effect of the geometrical sound you are hearing and its leverage.

The Sound Is The Scenery_edited.jpg

"If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe."
Nikola Tesla


“The Sound Is The Scenery (TSITS) audiovisual spatial sound concert and related scientific research into sound and vibrational medicine emerged from a moment of enlightenment. I was always captivated by music and sound and as a person born with mobility disability I knew first hand of the unacknowledged power of will and sound to better acute medical conditions. That afternoon I was struck by something that could only be described as a vision, following which I just knew. I knew that sound, geometry, mathematics, light and colour are all part of the same paradigm of natural coherency that is healing. I knew that this project is my calling. However, at the time I knew nothing about sound medicine or vibratory medicine, and though as an artist I've always worked with aesthetics and delicate symmetry, my knowledge of mathematics and geometry was very basic. Yet I knew what this project entails. In my mind all the steps were already structured and I immediately started researching its components. I started studying sound medicine, Aura-Soma colour medicine, physics, sacred geometry and mystery studies, searched for collaborators specialised in mathematicians and light artists.

Fast forward 5 years, the audiovisual concert which started it all is complete, wonderful collaborators were found and my artistic project led me to a scientific exploration. One that includes experiments which yielded extraordinary, novel results on sound’s effect on physiological measurements, well being and matter through the medium of Cymatics. This is the story behind the concepts and build up of the musical composition of TSITS which started it all, an audiovisual spatial sound and light composition. The visual component of the composition is built upon and according to its sonic aspect. Together with my collaborators we revive the Pythagorean teachings of unified sciences emerging from the arts and informing each other. ”

Direction: Quiet City - Daniela García del Pomar & Paul Holdsworth

Produced by: Quiet City & Rona Geffen

Direction: Quiet City - Daniela García del Pomar & Paul Holdsworth

Produced by: Quiet City & Rona Geffen


Concept, Composition, Production, Performance -

Rona Geffen

Light & Visual -

Alessandra Leone

Mathematics and Coding -

Dr. Claire Glanois 

The Sound Is The Scenery on 4DSOUND

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