The Sound Is The Scenery






              "Sound is the medicine of the future"  (Edgar Cayce)

The Sound Is The Scenery is a geometric and mathematical spatial composition incorporating frequencies produced by planetary calibrated tuning forks and chimes, percussions and the human voice - all of which are commonly used in sound healing practices. The composition combines symbols and archetypes from various cultures, celestial ratios and ancient mystery and shamanic methodologies.  This combination creates an evolving harmony of personal-communal connection and synchronization, self empowerment and consciousness expansion.
The concert is the result of  ongoing research on the new and anciant approaches to mathematics, geometry, sound, light and color and their relation to well being and healing. The Sound Is The Scenery composition is meticulously tailored for the immersive sonic abilities of 4DSOUND and incorporates the work of Alessandra Leone (visual and light installation) and Claire Glanois (mathematics and coding).




NOTE: This is a stereo recording of a spatial composition and therefore doesn't fully express the effect of the geometrical sound you are hearing and its leverage.

"All Is Number" (Pythagoras)



The Sound Is The Scenery Documentary by Quiet City

“If you tap into the *fundamental structure of creation, if you tap into the fundamental structure of space you will start to be able to tap into the life force of creation… you have access to the structure of spacetime.”
(*64 Star Tetrahedron/Flower Of Life. Nassim Haramein)


"If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”
(Nikola Tesla)


Concept, Composition, Production, Performance - Rona Geffen
Light & Visual - Alessandra Leone
Mathematics and Coding - Dr. Claire Glanois 


Documentary - Quiet City (Daniela Pomar and Paul Holdsworth)



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"Geometry will draw the soul towards truth and create the spirit of philosophy"


 Improvisation Sound Meditation Sessions

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