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Sound Medicine Athens

You are invited to take on a journey of self healing with the powerful tools of sound medicine: frequencies, rhythm and  vibration. Sound Medicine  is a groundbreaking practice with remarkable results which brings us back to balance and harmony with ourselves and our surroundings. It is an impelling practice to bring balance and grounding into our lives using sound as a powerful tool. Sound Medicine is highly beneficial for treating both physical and emotional difficulties and imbalances. This effective non-invasive practice provides alignment of physiologic mechanisms and our emotional provenance using sound produced by traditional tuning forks, singing bowls, drums, voice and advanced sound technology

Rona Geffen is a certified practitioner in different traditional and modern sound medicine methodologies, including the Tomatis Method, multi instrumental & voice vibration medicine by the Sound Healing Academy, planetary (celestial) Sono-Acupuncture by the Acutonics method, BioAcoustic technician by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health, and various specialised shamanic and sacred drums, percussion and singing bowls healing methodologies. Geffen informs her sound medicine practice with scientific research and artistic activity of over 20 years. She Conducts and publishes scientific studies on the effects of sound and music on human mechanisms focusing on brain wave activity and connectivity patterns, Autonomic Nervous System biomarkers response, Blood Cells, emotional and behavioural effects and sound wave morphology (Cymatics). 


The tuning forks and other healing instruments are used on chakras, acupuncture points and the meridian system in a form of vibratory acupuncture also known as sono-acupuncture. In the beautiful realm of Sound Medicine, sono-acupuncture combined with geometry is a unique integrated approach grounded in oriental medicine, psychology, science, cosmological studies and Vibrational Medicine principles. 

The sounds and frequencies of planets in our solar system are brought into the session through the use of tuning forks calibrated to frequencies in the ratio of the planet's elliptical rotation. Thus offering celestial alignment and grounding in fundamental vibratory essence. The treatments are personally tailored to the needs of each client ensuring optimal results and desired progress from the first session


At Home Sound Meditation Sessions



"Energy, focus and a sense of activeness. That's what I wanted to claim again and was the reason I approached Rona Geffen. And I did, about a day after the beautiful and calming treatment I felt energetic, strong and focused in a way that allowed me to find back some space and quietness within myself. During the treatment itself and my time in Rona's clinic I felt relaxed and at ease as a result of Rona's touch and unique present. I would love to experience more of this method and will definitely come back for further treatment with Rona."

Shachar Shoham



Being the skeptic that I am, I didn't really know what to expect. It didn't take more than two minutes for me to delve into this amazing experience that consumed each and every sense in my mind and body. Rona is very attentive, and you can literally feel the depth of her treatment under your skin. It was a wonderful and sublime experience. 


Shay Yezkani



Like a witch, good and mysterious, Rona hovered around me moving through space and time, holding her magic device, creating sounds and vibrations that felt like home. I arrived on bad day, a bad week, a bad month. I’ve been feeling down for a while now, low on energy and with very little passion for life, if any. I immediately felt comfortable and safe and at the end of the session I just felt relaxed, and hopeful. And then, in the following days, I just kept feeling better and better, energy and optimism and a desire to fully live came back pumping through my veins. Whatever she did, it worked, and it was fun!


Ron Bornstein



Sessions and Prices

"We are natural living instruments. 
Learn to play yourself well and keep yourself finely tuned".

Cathy Edgar, Ma Shaker

Sound Healing session

Using planetary calibrated tuning forks, singing bowls, drums and the human voice used on acupuncture points, meridians and chakra in relation to mathematical sequences and sacred geometry. Recommended for relieving of pain, calming down the nervous system and balancing body-mind-spirit. Specific physical and emotional illnesses and distresses can be targeted upon request.


Aura Healing and Cleansing

Energetic Aura Healing and Cleansing using Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Group Meditation

with Tibetan Singing Bowls and planetary calibrated tuning forks.


Tomatis® Method:

The Tomatis® Method is commonly used to improve motor skills as well as emotional and cognitive abilities. Its unique technology modifies music and voice in real time to improve brain stimulation. Alfred Tomatis developed a device that helps train the brain by enhancing its perception of specific frequencies using a gating scheme, that some individuals miss despite the fact that their hearing is normal.


Crystal Healing and Crystal Reading

Crystal Healing and Crystal Reading.

30 minuets session - €40 // 60 minuets session - €60 // 90 minuets session - €80



I would like to recommend Rona Geffen sessions with Acutonics. Rona has had a session with my dad who has a brain injury. Due to his illness he sometimes suffers an extreme unrest.  Our purpose in inviting Rona was to try and calm him down.
At the beginning of the session my dad was at unease and looked confused. As the session progressed he became more and more relaxed. By the end of it he was sleeping peacefully but more important after the treatment he woke up slowly yawning in a way we have not seen in years, as if he had a good night sleep he didn't get for ages. Throughout the evening and night that followed he maintained this vibe; he was calm, relaxed, and seemed at more ease than most afternoons.

Gittit Pearlmutter

Rona has the healer vibe. You can perceive her positive, womanly energy flowing from the instruments she uses to produce sounds that sooth your body and mind.

The session was a really pleasant experience; I left the clinic with a feeling of peace that lasted for days. I definitely recommend Rona and her practice.

Giulia Palombino

I had the pleasure of being leaded by Rona to a journey of sounds.

With Rona's guidness that is trustworthy and empathic I was fascinated by the power of sounds resonating in the body. I left the session full of energy, silence and softness


Adi Keter


I truly enjoyed the healing session that I didn't want it to end! In the midst of winter, it was a uplifting session that gave me energy for the dark season.


Katja Niemi

Die Behandlung ist sehr konzentriert und einfühlsam. Sie hinterlässt eine große innere Ruhe und waches Körperbewusstsein. Auch wenn sie als pure Entspannung erlebt wird, ergibt sich daraus eine starke innere Energie und Dankbarkeit.


Monika Weber

"I was very interested and a bit skeptical about this sound healing but as Rona started it, I felt like I could get away from all the worries and negative thinking for a while. I thought she is using some device to produce heat but it was all natural! I was really surprised how much heat you can feel with sound sinking into your body. I was in a very bad mood because of my PMS that day, but after the session, I could be nice to other people. That is a big deal for me! I might go there every time I have PMS and want to kill people."


Minako Sasajima

Rona is simply put:  amazing practitioner! My weekly sessions with her were powerful; on both an emotional and physical level. Her sensitivity and intuition were spot on and I attribute much of my rapid healing to her work with me.


Paula Jackson

I came to Rona in the hope that it might help me with my knee and back.

The doctor prescribed painkillers and walking but both didn’t help.

I tried acupuncture but that didn’t help either. Friends suggested I try Rona’s “sound” treatment.

I didn’t know what to expect!

Rona’s treatment helped relieve me of my immediate excruciating back pain and eased the discomfort in my knee. Each treatment helped me more and now I feel almost cured. My back is 90% better and the knee is almost there (about 80% better).

The treatment is both tremendously helpful and relaxing.

Give your soul and body a break, Rona will ease your pain ache!


Naomi Begaz


לפני זמן מה הוענקה לי חוויה שלגמרי נחקקה לי בנפש ובגוף כאחד הדברים החיוביים שהנפש והגוף שלי עברו בתור אדם בוגר. אין לי מושג כמה זמן שכבתי על מיטת הטיפולים, כי כבר בתחילת הטיפול איבדתי לחלוטין תחושת זמן, זה הרגיש כמו מצב שהייתי יכול להישאר בו עד אינסוף. אם לנסות לתאר את התחושה, שוב האסוציאציה שעולה לי לראש היא רוגע, רוגע מסוג אקסלוסיבי לחוויית הטיפול הספציפית הזאת, רוגע אבסולוטי, ניתוק מכל בעיה, דאגה ואפילו כאב פיזי, כל אלה זזים הצידה, לגמרי עובדים לרובד אחד של מה זה אומר לחיות, עונג צרוף שנמשך שעות אחרי הטיפול. העדינות, הרוך, תשומת הלב וההקפדה המקצועית של רונה הפכו את החוויה למושלמת. אשמח לעבור את החוויה הנהדרת הזאת שוב, ממליץ על הטיפול בחום.

Idan Gavriel (עידן גבריאל)

With my wife’s experience and recommendation I tried Rona’s treatment. I was quite skeptical at first but to my surprise it really helped!!

Thank you for relieving the pain I had

in my knees. I think of you every painless step I take :)


Itzik Begaz

I recently went to Ms. Geffen for a sound healing session, mainly in search of a personal re-balancing.  As a first-timer to this treatment, I was not sure what to expect but I quickly felt at ease with Ms. Geffen and the session was incredibly relaxing, empowering and left me feeling calm, both mentally and physically.  Ms. Geffen was very professional and has a special and direct gift in channeling the energy of this balancing and healing process.  I will definitely go for more sessions!
Julia Nicole Iatesta

Hi Rona, I met you on a very stressful day. The minute you started your sound magic everything changed. I felt calm and relaxed but more important, The Treatment helped me connect to my inner self and find clarity again. Thank you so much.
Rachel Mendez

I didn't thank you enough for your time and your energy. I really appreciate what you have done for me and would be researching more about sound healing to understand it better for the future.


Shermine Sawalha



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