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Rona Geffen

Sound Researcher, Sound Medicine Practitioner, Music Producer, Composer, Vocalist, Sound Engineer, Sound Entrepreneur. 


The Alchemy of diffusing practices and genres is always the key.


Pioneered multi-disciplinary sound research on the connection of geometry and mathematics with sound medicine, accumulating to the invention of Geometric Sound, a new class in spatial sound and approved patent. 


Certified sound medicine practitioner in various practices including Tomatis method, multi instrumental & voice vibrational medicine by the Sound Healing Academy, planetary sono-acupuncture by Acutonics, Bioacoustic technician by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health as well as specialised shamanic drum, percussion and singing bowls healing methodologies. 


Independent scholar conducting scientific research primarily focused on the effect of sound on human health and physiologic mechanisms, focusing on brain wave activity and connectivity patterns, physiologic biomarkers, blood cells, emotional and behavioural response and sound induced Faraday wave pattern morphology (Cymatics). Formally Lead Sound and Medicine Research at The Works Research Institute focusing on the effect of sound and Geometric Sound on human health and Cymatics. 


Music producer and multi-disciplinary artist as an Avantgarde Hardcore-Pop musician and spiritual composer and performer. Released 3 solo albums, co-produced the electronic opera STRIKE!, freelance composer and actor for National Theater Mannheim, collaborated with artists and institutes such as Mad Professor, Ori Lichtick, Yasmeen Godder, 4DSOUND, Holoplot, participated in various art and mixed media events and toured worldwide.

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