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Bilono is a blend of extremes, surfing between hard electronica, sexy vocals &  pulling strings, creating a unique and pulsating tone. Bilono is the sound of day and night life in Tel-Aviv – its harsh politics and the useless loss of life to that constant dripping of the neighbor’s air-conditioner, sex and money. From the radical feminism of "Just Fuck Me" and "Wetting Party", to the use of biblical text in "Sand Blinded Eyes" (Isa 2-15) delivering a prophet of doom and rage upon the Israeli regime and people. The references to the political state of Israel and the horrific results of the occupation of Palestine continues on "Regress" which samples news flash after a murderess suicide bomber attack in Jerusalem and Requiem (parts 1 & 2) which was written in response to the brutal murder of Iman El hamas in Rafih refugee camp in 2004.
"I wanted to write a track describing the insanity and sheer violence in which a 13 year old sprayed by army bullets is acceptable as normal (statistics shows a Palestinian child is murdered every 3 days by Israel) and the results of that murders acts upon both sides, leading to a heart cracking melody and a hard and distorted loop of life. While East West can be described as the utopia in which all ingredients of a modern middle eastern country could have co-exist." Other tracks like "Bitches", "LoveLoop", "Maximosa B.yatch" deal with modern life with a wink and a tear. Bilono proclaims a strong statement upon urban life, sex and war. It gathers songs and instrumental tracks dealing with life on a harsher sound and in a higher tempo, Just smoke that blunt, look reality in the face and pump dat base.

  ///    IT   ISNT   A   SEXUAL   THING   ITS   A  POLITICAL   THING    ///  






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