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Blood Of My Blood 







Blood Of My Blood is Geffen's most intimate album, dealing with grief and life since the death of her brother Yonatan Naim. Yonatan's presence informs the album and he appears on many tracks - songs are composed to lyrics he wrote, his instrumentation is featured in samples of his playing on drums, percussion and santur (Persian instrument). Life’s journey continues as this album explores the possibility to grow and flourish within a profound loss and tremendous pain.

Blood Of My Blood presents 12 tracks ranging from experimental and world music to hard techno; heavy down beats, new jazz and balades. The songs paint a full sonic picture of feelings, emotions and aspirations. From a fully fleshed out narrative where sonic and visual elements reveal each other through live performance, sound and visual art, emerges a vibration that draws in and encircles the listener.

“When I compose I let the elements of the musical piece guide me, whether it's the composition, sound, lyrics or phrasing, each can lead to a different genre and spatial atmosphere. They are my brushes and colors, textures and shapes aimed to deliver a cinematic experience and perception of music and sound.”


Blood Of My Blood #B.O.M.B. will be launched in an immersive audio-visual show in a collaboration with artists Elizabeth Laplace & Alma Alloro in Music Tech Festival, Berlin 2016.



For more information about Yonatan Naim and his artistic work please visit:

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