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Sexy & pounding Electronic Dance Opera, based on the classical play Lysistrata by Aristophanes. Composed, written & produced by Rona Geffen, Hilit Rozental, Ann Streichman.​

Geffen VE Streichman

Geffen Ve Streichman is a booming Bass-Grime-Electro duo combined by the great forces of Hause-Electro producer Ann Streichman and Techno-Downtempo producer Rona Geffen.

Profit & Loss

Profit & Loss, feat. Mad Proffesor and Andre Marmot (WORMFOOD UK), is the first release of Geffen's long collaboration with Dub honorable knight Mad Professor.


East West Video

Co production with graphic designer and artist Darya Krasnova for Si Señor Couture lingerie winter collection 2011/2012 .​

The Yonatan Naim Project

Production & Music production for Yonatan Naim's debut double album "Side A / Side B" (Vast range of musical genres).

BoomBoxing Crew (2005 - 2010), an audio-visual duo specialized in making  powerful, refined and smoky sound-installations.

Singular Sensation

Music for choreographer Yasmeen godder's dance "Singular Sensation" (2008).

Brainpop ESL

Original music for Brainpop ESL program.

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