Bilono (2008) is a blend of extremes, surfing between hard electronica, sexy vocals &  pulling strings, creating a unique and pulsating tone. Bilono is influenced by everything surrounding it – from news of a suicide bomber to that constant dripping of the neighbors air-conditioner. Bilono is a blend of extremes - gabber and heart rending violins, violence and love, east and west, sex and concrete - creating a precise and unique tone.
The perfect soundtrack for the pulsating chaotic harmony of Israel of 2009.

The Emancipation of mitzy

The Emancipation of Mitzy (2010) gathers 6 tracks, 5 of which are heavy dance floor oriented, representing hard & pumping Techno for the chaotic crowd. Drugs, alcohol, politics and sex (as always) are the issues driving the music. Distortions, amplifiers & rhythm are the means to make it come to life.

Latest Releases

All music released since 2011.  The forthcoming album, 'Blood of My Blood' will be released in summer 2013.