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Self and Communal Healing by Vocalizing Chakra Toning Sounds   While Dancing in Raves and Parties
Rona Geffen, Hypatia Research Institute
November 2020,

While dancing in raves and parties people tend to spontaneously vocalize vowels which accurately resemble what is commonly known as Chakra Toning Sounds. This sonic observation raises the hypothesis that people instinctively and intuitively heal themselves by balancing and activating their own chakras with their voice. To test and 

verify this hypothesis a survey was conducted in which 96 participants were asked to share their experience about the voices they produce and hear in raves and parties while dancing. The majority of participants reported to use their voice and hear others use their voice with Chakra Toning Sounds. An interesting observation suggests that a communal effect is created by this action, in which self healing informs and encourages communal (group) healing, possibly underlying collaborative and collective healing.  

Effects of Geometric Sound on Human Physiology and Physical Matter: Current State and Experimental Data
Rona Geffen(1), Prof. Dr. Christoph Braun(2)
(2) Tübingen University, MEG-Center 72074 Tübingen, Germany

This study introduces Geometric Sound as a subfield of Spatial Sound by presenting auditory stimuli that are mathematically defined 3D Geometric Sound projections representing virtual sonic geometric objects. The study proposes a new and non-invasive method that might be suitable for the treatment of various illnesses of both physical and psychological nature, with emphasis on stress-related conditions and neurological impairments. The effect of Geometric Sound on human physiology and matter were investigated by brain waves, Autonomic Nervous System response, emotional well-being and Faraday waves morphology patterns. Identical sound frequencies projected in different Geometric Sound shapes were found to significantly affect brain waves topology, power amplitude and connectivity patterns compared to recorded baseline of participants where no sound was presented and stereo (control). Notably, brain waves connectivity patterns indicate a different response to identical frequencies projected in different Geometric Sound shapes. Geometric Sound was found to improve sense of relaxation and reduce feelings related to anxiousness according to behavioral response monitored by a combination of questionnaires and as measured by heart rate and blood pressure. Geometric Sound projections of identical frequencies were found to result in correlating Faraday waves patterns to the presented excitation Geometric Sound projection. We suggest Geometric Sound may have the potential to be used as a tool for the treatment of various illnesses and disabilities such as depression, anxiety, stress-related conditions and neurotrauma.

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