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You are invited to take on a journey of self healing with the powerful tools of sound, vibration and frequency. Sound Medicine brings us back to balance and harmony with ourselves and the universe, it is a groundbreaking practice with remarkable results. This effective non-invasive methodology incorporates sound produced by Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, Drums and the human voice. 

Sound Medicine is good for treating both physical and emotional difficulties and pain. It is a methodology meant to bring balance, harmony and grounding into our lives using sound as a powerful healing tool. The sounds and frequencies of planets in our solar system are brought into the session through the use of tuning forks calibrated to frequencies of the planet's elliptical rotation. The tuning forks and other healing instruments are used on chakras, acupuncture points and the meridian system in a form of vibratory acupuncture. In the beautiful realm of Sound medicine, vibratory acupuncture combined with geometry is a unique integrated approach grounded in oriental medicine, psychology, science, cosmological studies and Vibrational Medicine principles.



Rona Geffen is a sound healer, sound researcher, musician and artist who incorporates Sound Medicine methodology into her work and sound research. Geffen studied vibrational acupuncture sound healing with planetary calibrated tuning forks according to Acutonics method (IL, UK), multi instrumental & vocal sound healing at the Sound Healing Academy (UK) and healing with singing bowls at the Sound Healing International Academy (NYC). ​

In her practice, research and studies Geffen incorporates Vibrational Medicine with ancient mystery studies, science and physics. Geffen works closely with high end sound technology such as the immersive and acclaimed 4DSOUND and the Spatial Sound Institute on a new practice aiming  to combine long forgotten wisdom with cutting edge spatial sound technologies.


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The Sound Is The Scenery - Sound Meditation on Geometries // Cube
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