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Just Fuck Me (#JFM) video

Direction, Editing, Cinematography: Fabio Dentella
Assistant Director and Artistic consulting: Stephanie Illouz
Assistant Editor: Sara Gleede
Dancer: Dwayne Strike
Make Up: Tea B.Adora & Sareta Rose
Face Mask: Crudelia Von Grimm's
Concept: Rona Geffen & Fabio Dentella

Produced by RG Unlimited and shot at GREENHOUSE Berlin

Just Fuck Me EP
RG Unlimited in cooperation with Meerkat Recordings.


This fine EP includes remixes from Gavana, Anna Bolena and Taapet. The
beat itself comprises of the signature huge kicks Geffen loves to use and
a beautiful violin sample - making it a minimal but completely full and
heavy arrangement. Israelite Rona Geffen approaches the combination of
old-school techno music with traditional sounds. The remixes are unique on their very own.

The track Just Fuck Me was written and composed by Rona Geffen and Ann Streichman. As a heart crunching theme song it is describing the frustrating experience women often go through while looking for casual sex. Shocking as it may sound, women who are simply looking for physical pleasure are still judged, ridiculed and generate negative feelings among the (mainly) male crowd. Women want to have fun and just be treated with respect. Simple as it is. Listen and enjoy!

Meerkat Recordings:
Like Meerkats in the Kalahari desert we fiercely promo- te subversive dubs from underground headquarters constantly relocated in the world. Following the Jamaican sound system tradition, Meerkat Recordings is a platform for artists with a purpose beyond the music industry. Like sound system culture, Meerkat Recordings is dedicated to the power of BASS as a voice of peo- ple.

Gavana: Gavana (Anna Gavanas)
produces and composes dub, electronica and digital dancehall. She has released her music on the labels Clubstream, Aroma- music, Meerkat Recordings and Cybersymphonic. Gavana produces out of a mu- sical background as a vinyl DJ and has played at clubs and festivals in Sweden, the UK, the US and Germany since the late 1990s. As a DJ, Gavana was part of a number of collectives (Ana International, Birdhouse, Kvinnosaksklubben) and co-founder, with Anaya (Anna Öström), of Sister Sthlm in 2003. Together with the fellow producer Aimnbreak Gavana is also member of the producer duo Bass Trolls (where she also plays electric bass) as well as the former DJplaneten.


Anna Bolena: 
Musician, producer, writer and videomaker has taken part in several music and video international festivals. Interested about innovations and chal- lenges, she runs the music and video production IDROSCALO DIGITALE.




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