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Sound Researcher, Sound Medicine Practitioner, Sound Entrepreneur, Music Producer, Composer, Vocalist, Sound Engineer

The Alchemy of diffusing genres and practices was always present in Geffen’s work as she studied music production and established a career as a Hardcore Pop-Avantgarde musician and multi disciplinary artist. Geffen released 3 solo albums, the electronic opera STRIKE! and collaborated with artists such as Mad Professor, Ori Lichtick, Yasmeen Godder and many others. Composed for dance and theater plays in Germany and Israel, participated in art and mixed media events worldwide and toured with her solo act in Europe and USA.

In 2015 started an independent sound research on the connection of geometry, mathematics and sound with healing which led her to work with high-end spatial sound technology, sound researchers, mathematicians, medical practitioners, scientists and physicists. Geffen’s research accumulated to the invention of Geometric Sound, a new class in the field of spatial sound, which showed promising indications in stress rehabilitation. Today Geffen is the Lead Sound and Medicine researcher at The Works Research Institute focusing on Geometric Sound effect on human health.

Geffen is a certified sound medicine practitioner and studied various methodologies and instruments in sound and vibrational medicine including multi instrumental & voice vibration medicine as integral medicine at the Sound Healing Academy (UK), vibrational acupuncture with planetary calibrated tuning forks according to Acutonics method (IL, UK), BioAcoustic technician at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health (USA), and healing with singing bowls (IN/USA).

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