© 2013 by RONA GEFFEN.

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Sexy & pounding electronic music,
an inimitable mixture of Techno,
Downtempo and Pop.​

Driven by an uncompromising approach towards music & sound, Rona Geffen is an all DIY musician & artist. Fresh & Nasty beats from the night life and beyond, inspired by everyday city life she creates pounding electronic music, an inimitable mixture of Techno, Downtempo and Pop. Her mastery over the production work as well as her warm & thick voice juxtaposed with an explicit sensual attitude, creates a booming lush rhythmic and musical world, where everything is allowed & probably distorted.


Geffen has just finished a three-month artist residency at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest working on the acclaimed and innovative 4DSOUND where she executed her latest research in sound about the alchemy of vibration and its effect on the listener. Her field of research concerns with the connection between sound, geometrical structures and mathematical constructs. This research and work "The Sound Is The Scenery" culminates in the immersive audio-visual experience, her sound sources for this work were tuning forks and chimes from her work and practice as a sound healer, that resonate the frequencies of the planets in our solar system, human voice and percussions. 'The Sound is the Scenery’ explores a new form of audiovisual experience, using immersive technologies to create a meditative ritual and proposing new approaches to healing methods that apply sound and color.  

Her latest album Blood Of My Blood (2016) presents tracks ranging from Experimental and world music to Hard Techno; heavy Downbeats, New Jazz and balades. It explores life since the death of my brother Yonatan Naim. Life’s journey continues as this album explores the possibility to grow and flourish within a profound loss and pain.
Her debute album „Bilono" is a blend of extremes, surfing between hard electronica, sexy vocals & heart wrenching violins, creating a unique and pulsating tone. Bilono is the sound of day and night life in Tel-Aviv – from its harsh politics to that constant dripping of the neighbor’s air-conditioner, sex and money. Beside producing hard pumping Techno Music, she is always on the go for other projects and recently released the electronic opera „STRIKE!" – No Sex in TLVillage, with Ann Streichman & Hilit Rozental, based on the classical play Lysistrata by Aristophanes. Geffen's EP „Just Fuck Me" with Meerkat Recordings includes remixes from Gavana, Anna Bolena and Taapet. The beat itself comprises of the signature huge kicks Geffen loves to use and a beautiful violin sample - making it a minimal but completely full and heavy arrangement. Geffen approaches the combination of old-school techno music with traditional sounds. The remixes are unique on their very own. Her previous EP „The Emancipation of Mitzy“ gathers 6 tracks, 5 of which are heavy dance floor oriented reminiscent of techno circa the early 2000‘s. Geffen states, matter-of-factly, „its all about heavy tribal beats, massive bass-drums and hectic percussion.“ This EP is more unified by its genre than Bilono, representing hard & pumping Techno for the chaotic crowd. Drugs, alcohol, politics and sex are the issues driving the music. Distortions, amplifiers & rhythm are really the means to make it come to life. 


Geffen performs regularly around the world, her live performance is as thrilling as her music - tweaking her machines on stage Rona is manipulating her vocal & music in diverse and edgy ways. Combining a whole lot of rhythm and bass, singing & live sampling.
Geffen is one of the key figures in Beate Kunath documentary "Raw Chicks Berlin" about 11 Berlin based women music producers. While today Berlin based artist Rona Geffen is collaborating with international artists including Mad Professor & Yasmeen Goder and presented her work in venues, museums and various mixed media events worldwide. She participated in various crews bringing raves and underground parties to Tel Aviv, and is a graduate of „Muzik - School of Creation and Production“, majoring in musical production.